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3 Tips to Balance Hormones for Women over 40

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

By: Dr. Angie Cross

Women. We are beautiful yet complicated creatures. We have intense chocolate cravings…. Preferably Godiva. We desire love and affection. Yet we can snap in a second if its the wrong time of the month. Our hormones dictate our day to day emotions, energy levels, and sex drives. They are so finicky in the middle ages. We feel beautiful one week of the month and the next we feel bloated and blah. We want sex, yet we dont have the energy most times. Being a woman in her forties is like being a newly blossoming teenager all over again. Our hormones are swinging from one level to the far opposite due to the natural changes that are taking place at this season in our lives. You are not alone in the search for answers. I will share my Top 3 tips for balancing hormones naturally.

  1. Slow down and Breathe. One of the top things you can do to throw your hormones off balance is stay stressed out. Stress increases cortisol and throws off your blood sugar so the best thing you can do is be mindful to slow it down. Take it from 5th gear down to 3rd gear every once in a while. Catch yourself when you are stressed and do some slow calming deep breaths. Literally just 10 slow deep breaths randomly throughout the day can start to reduce your cortisol which will keep you grounded and centered.

  2. Eat your Healthy Fats. I cant stress enough how important healthy fats are to keeping your lovely hormones happy. Your hormones are a double layer of fatty membranes which is the key to healthy hormones. That layer also holds the receptors to how well your hormones function. So eat your avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oils, coconut oils and it will give your skin and hair an extra boost of glow too.

  3. Ditch the Dirty Diet. If you want to balance out your hormones ladies you have to really take a hard look at being honest with your diet. This is a time in your life you have to buckle down and take your diet serious. You cant afford to sneak some chips or drive through foods. You cant be downing coffee drinks every day or drinking wine every night as a way to unwind. Load your diet with tons of green veggies, lean clean organic proteins, berries, lemon water, and herbs.

Start simple. Start with these recommendations and be mindful of your thoughts. The more you slow down, clean up your diet, and bring in healthy fats you will become happier and more balanced. The key to a good life is good health and a positive outlook. I am thrilled you are taking time to dig deep into balancing your hormones over the age of 40. It is never too late.

If you are interested in any deeper testing on your hormones I would love to be on your team and help you get to the bottom of some unresolved issues. Its simple, private and a test you can do from the comfort of your home. The link to order is:

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“The fourth step towards a better body Is keeping the hormones balanced. Hormones are biochemical compounds produced by various organs or glands of the body. Hormones are essential to life function Without hormones, we really couldn't survive. They control most aspects of all of our bodily processes.”

Your Temple Page 76 by Dr. Angie Cross

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