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The Science Behind Stress- Adrenals, Minerals and Stress Management

If you do not learn to manage stress it can KILL YOU...

I am fascinated by this topic, because this number one killer is 100% preventable. Yet modern medicine does not talk about this.

Stress causes your body to use up the vital minerals, especially magnesium. It causes your body to become acidic, which means you have lots of inflammation going on, which is micro fires, tears, and burns to the inside of your body, tissues, and organs. Your vessels don’t work correctly, therefore your heart has to pump harder, causing blood pressure issues. Your brain becomes inflamed and can’t think straight. Your hormones shut down making you feel crabby and could care less about sex.

We are just getting started. Your blood sugar rises. Your cortisol rises. Your digestion shuts down, so you have gut issues and feel bloated. Your DNA strands start to unravel causing rapid aging and hair to thin. Ready for more? Your Blood thickens, making you prone to strokes or poor circulation. And your pineal gland which controls sleep goes haywire. So basically Stress affects every single System of your body. I could go on, but you get my point.

Stress is the number one killer when we break it down. It causes heart attacks, auto-immune system issues, hormonal disruptions, chronic health conditions, and mental health conditions to soar sky high.

Now is the time you must have a stress management plan in your life. You can not wait until it's too late, as it could then be too late. Start small. Start with calming walks. Start with more time in nature. Start with more green leafy veggies that bring minerals back into your body. Start with more down time. Start with changing jobs to get away from stress. YOU ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS, despite what you think.

If you need help figuring out a stress management plan, I can help you!

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