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Many think going to a chiropractor is just “cracking the back”...

It could not be further from the truth. Chiropractic is a science, art, and philosophy. We believe every issue stems from one of the THREE T’s: THOUGHTS, TRAUMA, TOXINS.

If you think of your life, most likely you have been exposed to one of those three being a bit out of balance. That is where the problems can start. It affects the Nervous system. When the nervous system is affected, dis-ease or dis-function takes place. So we work to remove the thought, trauma, or toxin.

We have the same amount of education and training as a medical doctor. We also have to pass 4 National board exams to gain licensure as a primary health care physician. So don't be afraid of chiropractors, they are highly trained to evaluate your NERVOUS SYSTEM. Your nervous system sends signals to every single cell, tissue, organ, gland, muscle and fiber of your entire being!!! We find misalignments to remove a possible interference from sending signals from the brain to the end organ.

Here is how it works:

1. Your Brain sends signals (neurological signals) down the spinal cord

2. The signal exits the spinal cord via the Spinal vertebral segments out to the end organ, gland, or tissue to where it needs to go.

3. Each spinal level is KNOWN to intervate (send signals to) a certain organ. For example: Thoracic level 5 goes to the stomach. Lumbar 3 goes to the reproductive organs. Lumber number 1 goes to the colon. Cervical vertebrae number 5 goes to the thyroid.

4. If there is a tight muscle, bone out of alignment or tension along that specific level, it can cause diminished signals getting to the organ which then causes malfunction or dysfunction at that level/ organ.

5. Chiropractors remove nerve interference by an “adjustment” or certain muscle releasing techniques

6. Once the interference is removed, the organ, gland or tissue then can return back to its normal health function and HEAL NATURALLY!!!!!

IT'S TRULY AMAZING!!!! I did not get into chiropractic to crack backs, I got into this amazing profession to help heal the body NATURALLY!!! Allowing the body’s own innate intellegence to be turned back on!!!! I have seen and witnessed THOUSANDS of miracles.

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