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Hello, Dr Angie Cross here! I would love for you to check out some of my trainings, videos, free meditations, my books and most importantly stay connected and be apart of the tribe! I have amazing live trainings in my

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Nourishing your hormones will bring you the results you are looking for.  The approach I found most effective, meaningful, safe and affordable is a holistic mind-body-lifestyle type method.

After studying and working with patients for

nearly 20 years on this topic, I can break it down for you. Let's take a complex topic and keep it simple! This is a beginners starting guide to HEALING your hormones.

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In this guide book we will navigate the path to balance your mind and body connection. I will guide you how to stay Healthy, Happy, and Hormonally balanced through any of your hormonal ups and downs. So whether you are in your mid 20's trying to start your family, middle age dealing with weight struggles and peri-menopause or are in the middle of meno/andro pause years....... You don't have to suffer. Belly bloat/ Belly Fat can strike anyone at anytime.

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Dr. Angie's Books

The connection between mind and body are essential to understanding how to heal from the inside out. If you are searching for an inspiring, educational, and easy to understand method to achieving your health goals, Dr. Angie Cross has it all laid out in her new book. This Vital information is a comprehensive guide to become your own health advocate and how to survive in a toxic stress filled world today. You are sure to be inspired and changed after reading and applying Dr. Angie's easy down to the basics approach.

The Human Body and all its functions is a complete miracle. It holds an infinite power to heal itself. The innate intelligence that is taking place every second of every day is working synergistically to produce what we know as Optimal Health. Treating Health from a holistic approach will not only allow the body to do what it was designed to do but also enable you to be in control. This is a guide for a Better Body and Optimal Health. It is also a summary of Holistic views on achieving health and healing options. Looking deep into the "whole" person approach as ways to health underlying conditions.

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