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About Me

You can trust the experience of her 20 years as a holistic functional medicine chiropractor working with women on the topic of hormone , stress management weight loss, and other health topics. She has a complete and comprehensive approach to helping clients. Her Programs are Fun, educational, give you guidance on what to do and are science based. She looks for sources of imbalances ranging from toxicity, mindset, gut dysfunction, hormone imbalances, nervous system regulation concerns, sleep patterns, molds, infections, and more. You will find her comprehensive approach has been your missing link! 


My Story

She is a 2003 Palmer- Davenport Graduate.She is certified NBCE in Acupuncture since 2003. She is trained and certified in advanced hormone testing, genetic testing, laser therapy, biohacking options, nutritional supplements, and takes on a functional approach to health care. She is deeply rooted in energy healing techniques, emotional therapy healing options, and is an avid educational speaker. She is a Chopra certified Meditation teacher. She leads weekly meditations, on line programs, and women’s healing retreats. Dr. Angie is also certified in ThetaHealing.


Dr. Angie is an author, influencer, and program developer focusing on helping people feel ALIVE and the best. She is passionate about serving others. She sits on a Doctors advisory board of a top level nutrition company, Yoli.  She is a co-creator of nutritional supplements and believes in high quality products. She is a speaker on natural weight loss, health principles, and teaching others how to gain health through proper diet, nutrition, and supplementation. She works and coaches people to bust through blocks. She will help people dig deep until they as a team find the obstacle. She has a way of making others feel confident, certain, and on fire to live an inspired life.

Learn more about me....

"If I'm not out serving others, I am probably hiking."
- Angie 


As a Mom, My Mission is to help people feel their best, so they can show up for their Families Feeling Alive! 

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