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Join my Sacred Healing Path Membership

A Complete MindBody Health Experience


I would love to invite you to join my safe "container". A Robust Group of Women. Our Tribe. Coming together......... Weekly. To Connect. To Share. To learn. To Grow. An experience to ultimately to feel a sense of Support & Love.

This will be a Sacred Healing Path........

If you need support this will be a super loving, comprehensive, inspiring, and deeply caring support group. We will come together to meet weekly Live in a private zoom, as a group. Offering support, answering questions, doing meditations, a variety of healing experiences, self-compassion exercises and SO MUCH AMAZING SUPPORT!!!


You can be as involved or active as you would like. You can just show up and watch, learn, and absorb......... or you may want be an active tribe member, which I would suggest. 

I invite you to Lock arms with me (an active, educated, life-loving, passionate well rounded down to earth 20 year Doctor) so you can feel empowered, educated, & equipped with your health, hormones, lifestyle, and future YOU!!!


This is an interactive weekly accountability, support, educational and inspirational POWER HOUR!!!  You will have the option to send any of your specific questions to Dr. Angie within 24 hours of the weekly LIVE call. She will answer each question, each week.  You will also gain access to the recording within 24 hours if you can not make the calls live. 

You will feel connected to other women going through the same life and health struggles. We each need each other. This group will evolve and grow to become even more robust as time goes on with more specific information, ideas, and community growth. 

What's Included Each Month 

Weekly Live COACHING 

Get educated on a COMPREHENSIVE approach to health and variety of topics. (hormones, health, gut, foods, diet, blood sugar, immune, happiness, lifestyle, biohacking ideas, meditation, Ayurvedic, hypnosis, and MORE!!) And Get all your questions answered!!! 
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Meditation Soul Support

Interactive and live meditations to get your "mind" dialed in!
 Sound healing, Theta Healing, & guided meditations.

We end each call with a 8-12 minute powerful MINDBODY Meditation. This will be a powerful activity to end each session. 

Feel the Love from the Tribe. And be part of my Retreats to come together and meet each other in person. We will have fun and do some trips together, feeling your sisterhood support. You will soon realize you are not alone.


Bonus Benefits!

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Some information and VALUE you will gain as a Member:

  • Get heard once and for all. You will have a chance to ask questions. And take part in a Live Interactive Weekly Community Support Group.

  • Get celebrated! Dr. Angie will take victories and success WINS and celebrate you to help inspire others and give you the recognition you deserve!!

  • Get a chance to sit in the "hot seat". Once a month she will have a hot seat experience where you could be the person on the live call to have your specific case picked apart and helped to see how she puts together her POWERFUL GAME PLANS!!!

  •  Get Flash Sale on reduced pricing for hormone or other testing kits she offers. ($25 off testing options)

  • Get access to a private online portal with a digital mood and food journal. 

  • Get access to ask and communicate with Dr. Angie via the private  secure messaging portal with Dr. Angie (you have a powerful Health coach/ advocate in your back pocket).

  • Get access to her Current & Future programs at a reduced price. (gain access to a coupon code)

This membership is perfect for you if....

This is perfect for you if you have been lost, overwhelmed, or frustrated with the current health care models. This is great for you if you need support, guidance and a leader to show you the way to feeling good again. This is for you if you need support and answers but don't want to pay a ton for high priced programs!

So if you are looking for a great deal.... THIS IS IT!!! The cost is only be $47 a month!!! This is such a great deal!! Would love to have you join me in this WOMENS EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT!!! Classes begin soon- First week in April!!! 

If you want to lock in your great pricing (less than a few meals for a weekly cheerleader and TOP LEVEL COACH) here is the link to sign up now!!!

Now more than ever people need guidance, encouragement, support, and nurturing!!! Along with my continued Free support and webinars, this is a WEEKLY POWER HOUR!!!! To keep you on track!!! The link is in the comments below if you are ready!

Join me in a fun Adventure!!! I will teach you all I know and share with you all I have for you to feel your BEST!!!

How It Works:

Click this link to Join & tell a girlfriend too!

Submit your questions. Show up each week or listen to the recording

Feel Empowered and be an Advocate to share & help with other women.

Membership Preview 

  • An inspirational educational POWER HOUR each week & Submit your Questions

  • Gain Access to Mood/ Food Journal & access to message Dr. Angie 

  • E-Book on Holistic Healing

  • Dr. Angie's Affirmations Guide

  • Emotional Support

  • Hormone Healing Food List

  • New Recorded Meditations

  • And Soooo Much More!

    $47/ month- Best Value Dr. Angie Offers!

    Sign up NOW! You will LOVE IT!!!! Click Here

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Working with Dr. Angie has given me someone to talk to and feel heard. I feel she knows exactly what to say to keep me on task with my health and thoughts. She has taught me how to stay in my "happy bubble" and protect myself. 

Lisa K. 

Have a Question?

Contact Me- I'm Happy to Help

We will follow up soon!

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