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Libido- 5 Steps to Boost Your Sex Drive

If your love life has taken a back seat or dried up, your gonna love this read. You are not alone when it comes to a dwindling love life in your middle age. Low Libido is a very common symptom when it comes to middle age complaints. This is also a serious topic as your libido has more to deal with than just good sex. It has a lot to do with your cardiovascular health, your brain health, and overall longevity. Libido is a very primitive reflex and response in your body from the beginning of time to pro-create. It is AMAZING when its on, and can be a total bummer if its gone missing.

I will share 5 ways to boost your sex drive, read on…..

1. Clean up your diet. Your diet has a ton to do with your overall health, energy levels, and your moods. If you eat junk, you become junk. Aim to eat way more protein. And make it a clean organic protein if possible. Protein literally boosts up your moods and neurotransmitters.

2. Move your Body! You need to move to feel alive and stay in an active state of feeling alive and vibrant. The more active you are, your brain releases endorphins which stimulate your libido. So get your 10,000 steps in and grab those weights.

3. Set the Time. Many people are coming and going. They miss the path of their lover. They are distracted and feeling rushed. If this is you, schedule your date night, your Noon time romance session, or a time where you BOTH CAN enjoy each other.

4. Get Your Hormones checked. You got it!! Testosterone is a big time libido booster, so is progesterone, and your adrenal health. If you are low in your main libido hormones, don’t be surprised if you are dried up and not feeling in the mood. By the way, estrogen is a woman’s natural lubrication. So when your estrogen is low, you are dry downstairs.

5. Set the mood and Get the Natural Lube out! Grab your coconut oil and get ready to connect. This is a great way to stay “wet” down there so you can enjoy the moment. I also recommend being flirtatious during the week or day with your lover and send sexy text messages or grab their booty!! Everyone loves a little play time fun!!

Keep things light hearted, fun, and “wet”.

If your libido is in the tank or you are dried up, I have good news for you! There are answers. You can start with a safe at home Hormone test. This is a great starting foundation to see where your levels are. If things are too high or too low it can ABSOULTELY affect your hormones and libido. Let me guide you back to a healthy sex pattern with the knowledge I have learned over the past 20 years. Here is the hormone testing kit link:

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