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Testing & Supplement Options

 First Step to Discovering the TRUTH about your Health and HORMONE LEVELS

If you are looking for a hormone testing kit, blood testing kit, genetic or food allergy testing kit,  a consultation, want to ask a quick question, I have you covered on this page.


Here is where the fun begins!!! You can FINALLY TAKE ACTION and Take back CONTROL of your health and hormones!!! The days of being frustrated and not understanding why you feel so tired, unmotivated, struggling with hair loss, weight, or zero sex drive are about to be ANSWERED!!!!

The hormone testing kits are at home collections (depending on the test either saliva, blood droplets, urine or a cheek swab) that I mail to you and then you mail back to the lab. Once Results come in, you are notified and we will set up a phone call to discuss results, that is included in the pricing. Its super easy!!! You don't have to guess anymore what's going on.




  I can't wait for you to take the next step...... To Begin, Select a service or kit below and we will be in touch soon!!! 

Signs Your Hormones or Health May Be Out of Balance

Thinning Hair or Dull brittle hair
Bleeding Changes or PMS
Mood Changes or feeling Blah or "flat"
Weight Struggles/ Belly Fat
Memory Lapse/ Foggy 
Lack of Libido/ No Sex drive
Rapid Aging- Wrinkles appearing
Overwhelm/ Anxiety
Insomnia or Sleeping Issues
Hot Flashes/ Sweating
Sugar Cravings
Bloating/ Digestive issues and more.....


Testing Options

Saliva collection. Evaluates Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone Levels. As well as your adrenal health by evaluating a 4 point cortisol check.

A quick finger prick and a few drops of blood is all you need to identify over 200 of the most common Foods that could be holding you back from your health, hormones, or weight loss goals. This includes a consultation too.

Hormone Testing - Women

Weight Management Testing

Food Allergy Testing

This is one of the most comprehensive tests of all. (Saliva and Blood spot test) Estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone levels and 4 point cortisol levels. It will also evaluate Insulin, Hemoglobin A1C, Thyroid levels, and Vitamin D. 

Guys if you want to know your Testosterone and DHEA levels, this is for you! Also will check other hormones and cortisol stress levels too. This is a saliva test.

This is the way of the future. To fully be able to test and evaluate what is beneath the surface on a DNA level. This is an at home cheek Swab collection and Dr. Angie will call with your results. It tests for MTHFR, Underlying health issues and so much!

Hormone Testing - Men

This is for your brain chemistry. This is a urine test. This will check serotonin, dopamine, GABA, , epinephrine, glutamate and others. Great for mood and sleep struggles. 

Genetic and MTHFR Testing

Neurotransmiter Testing

Blood Testing & Other Services:

Healthy salad bowl with quinoa, tomatoes, chicken, avocado, lime and mixed greens, lettuce
Herbal and mineral organic dietary supplements in capsules. Ingredients in for food supple

This is a way to dive deeper into your body, mind & health goals. These two offerings are way beyond her other services. She is certified Chopra Ayurvedic practitioner and certified MindValley Hypnotherapist 

Search for your favorite supplements or Dr. Angie's Favorite recommendations on this site. This site contains hundreds of top nutritional company brands. You can create convenient monthly re-orders. 

Everything from Vitamins, Omegas, BCAA's, adrenal support, hormone support, and all your essentials. 

Ayurveda & Hypnotherapy

Supplements via FullScript

After 20 years of experience I have finally started to address the most common health struggles I have helped people work through. In the new age of digital education I have compiled hundreds of videos, PDF work books, trainings, webinars and more to share my knowledge with as many people as I can!

My Digital Programs

Dr. Angie Explains more on Hormone Testing

If You Have A Quick Question... 


Trust me, I get it!! These topics can be overwhelming. I know right now you may have questions, some concerns, or not know where to start or what test is best. This is a great way to reach out to me.

I will personally be reading your form and responding back to you.  Here’s the form to fill out…..

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