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With nearly 20 years of Clinical experience, I am confident I can help you. I will bring Healing Hope back to you. It's what I do best. Whether you are struggling with

weight gain, hormone related issues, anxiety, low energy, gut issues,

chronic infections or more...... I have seen it all.

I would love to hear from you and help you.

I Help Solve Health and Hormone Struggles

with Holistic

Mind~Body~Detox Solutions. 


~ Dr. Angie 

"Helping you find solutions QUICKLY so you can get back to living a happy life!"

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Dr. Angie's Signature VIP Hormone Program

If you are struggling, feel lost or overwhelmed with the topic of hormones, Look no further. Dr. Angie takes a very nurturing approach addressing You as a whole and complete person.


She will be looking at your Mind, Body, Hormones, and Detoxing aspects of your health and well-being. She will help support you, hold you accountable, educate you and be there for you, in this "season" of Struggles. 


Learn more about my program below!

Do I Have Hormone Issues? 

Enjoy a Free Meditation

Meet Dr. Angie Cross, DC

Meet your guide, Dr. Angie Cross. She is very holistic in nature. A mom of 2 and an Iowa Farm girl at heart.


She is a 2003 Palmer- Davenport Graduate.She is certified NBCE in Acupuncture since 2003. She is trained and certified in advanced hormone testing, genetic testing, laser therapy, biohacking options, nutritional supplements, and takes on a functional approach to health care. She is deeply rooted in energy healing techniques, emotional therapy healing options, and is an avid educational speaker. She is a Chopra certified Meditation teacher. She leads weekly meditations, online programs, and women’s healing retreats.

Test, Don't Guess.  Hormone Testing Is Key To Knowing

If you are tired of guessing what is going on with your hormones, weight struggles, lack of libido, fatigue, brain fog or more..... Testing is the missing link. You will gain science based answers from your body's own blood, urine, or saliva samples with private convenient at home testing. 

Hormone and Health Testing Options


Client Testimonials

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