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The VIP Hormone Healing Program
A Holistic Comprehensive Hormone Solution

Hi, Dr. Angie Cross here…. I am a mom, doctor, passionate loving human, and a middle aged woman on a journey just like you. I love helping women & men solve hormone & health struggles. I walked in your shoes with my own health and hormone struggles. I know the science and have the experience of turning my own mess into my message. I now want to help you do the same.

Hormones and Health issues need to be addressed differently for women.

This could be your season of finally finding answers nourishing your hormones. By using Dr. Angie’s holistic, safe, effective and proven 3 step method you will feel confident on what to do.  You can trust the experience of Dr. Angie’s 20 years as a Holistic functional chiropractor working with women on the topic of hormones, stress management, weight loss, and a wide variety of health topics.

This is an easy to follow program. Dr. Angie will guide you and give you custom recommendations on your specific needs to fit your lifestyle and situation. She will focus on 3 important areas for your results: Mind/mindset, Body and hormone health, and finally Cleansing/ Detoxing.

I will help guide you, however, I won't pull you along. You need to show up, do the work and work on all three steps!! Not just your diet, but also getting your stress under control is a huge piece. 

I am here to show you the short cuts and solutions that work…… In a natural, safe and effective way.

This is an easy to follow holistic hormone program. Dr Angie will guide you through her proven three step method. Focusing the mind, the body, hormones and detoxification methods. You will gain knowledge, results, and be inspired to take action. Most importantly, you will gain hope to find your best self!

You will receive

  • A comprehensive hormone/ thyroid testing kit. ($549)

  • 1on1 Testing Kit results call w/  Dr Angie and custom plan

  • A Custom Hormone Healing Plan

  • Dozens of Videos 

  • Access to The Overeating Course

  • Ebook on Hormone Healing

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education

  • Month 1: 4 calls, Months 2  & 3  Two Monthly Accountability Calls w/ Dr. Angie 

  • Private Messaging Access w/ Dr. Angie personally

  • New Meditation Releases

  • Recipes/ Food List 

  • and so much more

Included ...  

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The Benefits...

Working with a doctor of 20 years experience speaks for itself. Dr. Angie will take the time to make sure you understand your body and the complexity  of your hormones. The science of testing is a big part of her guiding you back to health and happiness.


 The benefits to resetting your hormones include detoxifying your body and recalibrating your hormones which will bring you more energy, clear and focused mind, an understanding of how macros and food work, a possible 5-15 pound weight loss, increased libido, increased thyroid functions, better moods, a pathway to rebuild your muscle tone to get lean and fit!!!  

You will also get tools and a checklist to detoxify your home. 

More about my Method

What a Special Healing Path this will be... A nurturing approach addressing you as a whole and complete person. Looking at the Mind- Body- and Detoxing aspects to help guide you back to happiness, health, and vitality.

First we focus on the Mind and Emotional Health. We will disucss the The Hormone and Stress Link.


The link between your stress and hormones is an undeniable first step. The hormones and your health are very sensitive to stress.


You must take time to identify the sources of stress in your life so you can start the journey of eliminating them.

I will teach you how to get control of this area of your life using several techniques. 

Next We, as a team, we will focus on Your Body and Your Hormones. When hormones and health get out of balance, your life quickly becomes out of balance.

When you are stressed it affects your brain first, then it affects your stress glands, adrenal glands, and also your blood sugar. Your digestion slows way down and you can't detox efficiently. Many of your inner organs start to work less effectively.  I will show you what its going to take and how to balance your body an hormones.

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The Third step in the process is focusing on how to get your body detoxed, cleansed from the inside out, and moving again. 

This part of my Methodolgy can be intimidating and scary as people don't understand how detoxing actually works and how to start this step. I will guide you and show you what to do, how to do and be effective at detoxing safely .

This step can be a powerful missing piece in your life. 

This Course is for you if you want ONE or more of these...

  • You want to lose weight 

  • You want to get your energy back

  • You want to eat more healthy

  • You want to become less stressed

  • You want to detox your life or body

  • You want to be happier!!

  • You want to age gracefully

  • You want to get rid of hot flashes

  • You want to increase your sex drive

  • You want to sleep better at night

  • You want to find alternative workouts

  • You want to heal from most conditions

I am excited to meet you...I am Dr. Angie Cross

  • Momma of two older teens

  • Chiropractor for 20 years

  • Holistic Wellness Doctor

  • Hormone Advanced Trained

  • Genetic Testing and Trained

  • Iowa born - Now in Arizona 

  • National Board Certified in Acupuncture

  • Yoga Teacher- Kundalini 

  • Doctor Advisory member for Nutritional Company

  • Theta Healing Certified

  • Certified by the Institute of Eating Psychology 

  • Deepak Chopra Certified

  • Gabby Bernstein Certified 

  • Lover of Nature 


I'm ready to get started!
I want to know how to balance my health and hormones, Sign me up!!! I am worth the investment!