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SUGAR Detox Mini-Course

If you need a jump start this is for you!!! This will be some time together each day to focus on accountability and Inspiration!!!!  This mini series will consist of 5 days together focusing on Detoxing from Sugar, unhealthy foods and why taking a break from sugar, alcohol, and junk food are so important from time to time.

Healthy Food

Why This Detox is For YOU...

  • Feeling Out of Control with Sugar and Carbs

  • Needing to understand and know why SUGAR IS BAD for my body

  • Want to be coached by Dr. Angie who is a leading expert in this field

  • Looking to get some healthy "sweet" swap ideas/ Recipes

  • Want to eat Real Food while losing a few pounds

  • Looking for motivation and Inspiration on WHAT TO EAT!!!

  • Needing Accountability and Coaching

  • Access to 5 Day Sugar Detox DAILY Videos 

  • Access to Dr. Angie’s Online Health Portal with Food & Mood Journals 

  • 3 New Updated Lifestyle Action Steps to do entered into your Portal to keep you on track

    • Food lists/ recipe ideas

    • Access food/mood tracker

    • Daily Mantras 1 new mantra each Day for accountability  + self love/motivation! 

    • Dr. Angie Food List 

    • Hormone Healthy Smoothie

    • Stress Management Checklist

  • Online Portal access directly to Dr. Angie to discuss your Goals and get Feedback on Specific modifications and support specific to you while Detoxing.


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A Five-Day Journey to DETOX from Sugar 


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Yes, I'm ready to Say NO TO SUGAR!

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