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October Hormone Reset Course! 

Starting Oct. 3, 2022 we will gather LIVE the next 3 weeks we will be working together. You and Me!! I will be guiding you on a journey to a true deep understanding of how your body and hormones work. These 21 days together will restore, Revive and most importantly reset your inner body's hormones and health patterns.  

After nearly 20 years of working with patients, I am happy to share with you my Hormone Reset program I created to guide you through a step by step process on how to rebalance your hormones and health. This Hormone Reset program will have you feeling confident in your own body, happier on the inside, calmer moods, better energy, and a more robust outlook on your Mind and body health. 

With this 21 Day Hormone Reset Program  you will receive exclusive educational videos and recommendations, worksheets, daily mind and body activities to complete and a comprehensive and delicious food recommendations/ recipes all written and created by me :)

The Benefits...

The benefits to resetting your hormones include detoxifying your body and recalibrating your hormones which will bring you more energy, clear and focused mind, an understanding of how macros and food work, a possible

5-15 pound weight loss, increased libido, increased thyroid functions, better moods, a pathway to rebuild your muscle tone to get lean and fit!!!  

You will also get tools and a checklist to detoxify your home. 

Included ... Three Week LIVE Course 

This is a​ quick 3 week self guided hormone course focusing on the fundamentals of health and hormones. Dr. Angie will take a complex subject and teach you a simple approach so you feel empowered and get fast results. 

You will be guided through, nutrition, stress management techniques, the basics on hormone health, and many more ideas.

You will receive 

  • Ebook

  • Weekly Live Zooms/ or access to the recording

  • Food lists 

  • Videos

  • Meditations

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

I'm ready to get started!

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