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COMING SOON......... 2024

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A Next Level Healing Experience

Imagine a place you walk into and it is NEXT LEVEL. A place where you are welcomed like family, a place where you are encouraged to find your best version of yourself. A place where you can be heard and seen for who you are, and the struggles you are dealing with. A place where you can get NEXT LEVEL care. NEXT LEVEL healing. NEXT LEVEL education. NEXT LEVEL options. 

This is not just a complete holistic Mind-Body healing center, but also an advanced cutting edge biohacking, anti-aging, and high vibe experience. Our Center will not only offer you traditional chiropractic care, acupuncture, and laser therapy..... but also PEMF, Top Level Red Light Therapy, Frequency modalities, Functional Medicine testing, Hormone testing and treatments, EWOT, Oxygen Therapy, Meditation Classes, and High Vibe Sound Beds. 


We, together, will create a movement of Becoming healthy, balanced, and a high vibe community. A space where people want to go NEXT LEVEL . We will come together to meditate, to learn, to celebrate, to heal and to experience life to our fullest. After all, that is why we are here. To be in a supportive uplifting community of like minded people. 


Dr. Angie's Vision

A place where the science of Western Medicine meets the Art of Eastern Medicine and the Philosophy of Chiropractic's wisdom of "Innate Intelligence", mixed with Love and a Spirit Driven Presence.  Providing the Client a Complete Whole Mind-Body Experience expanding them to their NEXT LEVEL. 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

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