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Mastering Midlife Program

Mid Life can be one of the hardest "seasons" of your life. This is a time where you don't even recognize yourself or your body. It doesn't have to be this hard. There are answers. 


This is a Hormone Balancing and Emotional Support Program!

If you are feeling lost, confused, alone, embarrassed, "flat" emotionally, unhappy, overweight, overwhelmed, or overall unhealthy...... I got you! You are my main audience. I work with people like you each and every day.


I understand the ins and outs of this time of life. I understand what it will take to get you back on track. I have a 20 year track record of helping people solve and eliminate health and hormone struggles. You don't have to suffer in silence. You don't have to go through a midlife crisis or a divorce. 


I can help! 

This is a Hormone Balancing and Emotional Support Program!


This is a 6 month journey to help you regulate your mind and body with the changes that are taking place. This program focuses on the fundamentals of a healthy body image, supporting underlying emotional issues, teaching sessions on stress reduction, hormone changes and life transitions.

You will receive a hormone testing kit to do at home. You will get a review of your recent blood tests (or I can help guide you on this). We will be in close communication during this time to help your body and hormone changes to find a "Happy Foundation" while during this season. 


I will take a sensitive subject and teach you a simple approach so you feel empowered, confident, in- control and get mind and body positive results during this season. 

You will be coached and guided through mindset, science of mid-life change, nutritional needs, brain health, stress management techniques, the basics on body image health, realistic expectations and so much more. So you will be getting lots of support during our time together!!! 


A few other things you will receive 

  • Food lists for Hormone and Healing 

  • Custom Hormone Testing and Plan laid out for you.

  • 12 - One Hour Coaching calls. (consider this like your support therapy)

  • Meditation for Midlife Hormone and Life Transitions. 

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

  • Access to email or message Dr. Angie 

  • Coupon Code for $50 off a future Hormone Test

  • 15% off any other supplements Dr. Angie may recommend you need. 


Included ... Support, Testing, and Knowledge


Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.37.11 AM.png

The Benefits...

The benefits to Mastering Midlife include a healthy relationship with your changing body. It will help you achieve more energy, confidence, reduce anxiety around your body, a clear and focused mind, an understanding of how hormones affect your mind and body, increased body functions, better moods, a pathway to rebuild your outlook with your health and life during this season!!!  

You will gain the much needed highly VALUABLE SUPPORT you need during this period of change. It is a new and scary time period for many. 

You will also get tools and a checklist to build your mindset up and improve relationships during this season as your body is changing.

I'm ready to get started!

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