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Holiday Healthy Challenge

Sign up below and get access to my Holiday Challenge!


I will be giving you information over the next 2 weeks on ways to Stay Happy and Healthy during this  Holiday season!!! Let's Finish the Year out Strong. I invite you to join me for a special way to end this year and enjoy the Holidays without feeling guilty !!!

  • Get Healthy Fun Festive Recipes

  • A food List to focus on your Health and Hormones

  • A CALMind Meditation personally recorded by Dr. Angie to help you relax and focus on Health

  • Several Emails guiding you over the next few weeks on a variety of topics to help you learn and understand how to improve your health to empower and equip you to take control of your own health during the Holiday Season.

  • Mindfulness LIFESTYLE activities!!! 

  • A way to not gain weight during this season!!! 

  • An uplifting message from Dr. Angie Each day to boost your confidence and put the sparkle back in your eye to show up Happy and Healthy to the Holiday Parties!

It's A Free Event!!! Join Me!!!

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