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Overcoming Emotional Eating

This is a 5 day (self paced) course on the topic of emotional eating, stress eating, body image struggles, and overcoming addictions with certain types of foods. If you struggle with an addiction to sugar, wine, fast foods, or chocolate you can finally get a handle on these things. If you constantly beat yourself up about your body weight or body image this course will help you find more self love and acceptance. Dr. Angie is a whiz at helping people find self love and honor your body with the self respect it deserves. 


Each video is around an hour long where we will be doing a deep dive on the topic of stress eating, eating when you are bored, mindless eating, and how to overcome food addictions. Get your pens ready!! And open your  Mind! If this sounds like you, this is your course that can once and for all change the way you look at your relationship with food.  It's time to get this under control once and for all. Quit the roller coaster of dieting and beating yourself up. 


This is a 5 days of self guided Eating and Body Image course work focusing on the fundamentals of healthy body image, underlying emotional issues, teaching sessions on stress reduction, and more. Dr. Angie will take a sensitive subject and teach you a simple approach so you feel empowered, confident, in- control and get fast results. 

You will be guided through mindset, science of addictions, nutrition, stress management techniques, the basics on body image health, and many more ideas.


You will receive 

  • Food lists 

  • 5 - One Hour Coaching Videos

  • Meditations to reprogram your mind for food

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

Included ... A Self Guided Course 



The Benefits...

The benefits to overcoming emotional eating include a healthy relationship with your body. It will help you achieve more energy, confidence, reduce anxiety around your body, a clear and focused mind, an understanding of how macros and food work, increased body functions, better moods, a pathway to rebuild your outlook with your health and life!!!  

You will also get tools and a checklist to build your relationship with food in a healthy way.

I'm ready to get started!

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