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July 2023 SUGAR Detox 

If you need a jump start this is for you!!! This will be some time together each day to focus on accountability and Inspiration!!!!  This mini series will consist of 5 days together focusing on Detoxing from Sugar, unhealthy foods and why taking a break from sugar, alcohol, and junk food are so important from time to time.

This is all Dr. Angie's FREE GIFT TO YOU!!!

Healthy Food

Why This Detox is For YOU...

  • Feeling Out of Control with Sugar and Carbs

  • Needing to understand and know why SUGAR IS BAD for my body

  • Want to be coached by Dr. Angie who is a leading expert in this field

  • Looking to get some healthy "sweet" swap ideas/ Recipes

  • Want to eat Real Food while losing a few pounds

  • Looking for motivation and Inspiration on WHAT TO EAT!!!

  • Needing Accountability and Coaching

  • Access to 5 Day Sugar Detox FB Lives with Dr. Angie  

  • Detailed Macro Based Food Guidelines

  • Support and Recipe Ideas

  • Education and Inspiration on how to Get rid of Sugar

  • Emotional Support for you during detoxing


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A Five-Day Journey to DETOX from Sugar 


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Yes, I'm ready to Say NO TO SUGAR!

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