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Body Image & Self Love

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As a doctor of almost 20 years, I am also realistic, telomeres and DNA strands starts to unravel, hormones change and free radicals destroy things and stress of living in a crazy world takes a toll.

As a certified Institute of Eating Psychology coach and a holistic chiropractor I want to help this topic!!! It breaks my heart as I listen to 80% of women truly not love or accept their body!!! For goodness sakes, this the body you are in 24/7!!! You can’t shut the door on it or run away from it. It’s with you all the time!! And if you don’t accept it or love it, wow, that can be draining!! Or even worse, depressing!!

So in my morning meditation prayer time it came to me to do something to help so I will be offering a Free 3 part mini series on body image issues by working on mindset, visualization, health concepts, and meditations for you to develop more Body acceptance and Love . 

It’s seriously time for an upgrade in the mental world of body image. Gone are the days to think you need a perfect body, or a size 2 and weigh 120 pounds (I say that loosely as many aim for that) The marketing industry, filters and photoshop Applications have literally destroyed mindsent and expectations of a woman’s curves and beautiful body!!!

I hope you will join me in bringing more Body and Self love back to our world and to be a great role model for the young girls of the future.

Here’s to all the ladies who are imperfect, have some cellulite, a little tummy roll, or some damn sexy curves!!! Keep striving for health, happiness and continued self acceptance!!! I will be your biggest cheerleader to find health and self love!!!

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