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Complete Body Transformation Program 
A 9 Month Supported Healing Experience with Dr. Angie guiding, teaching, and helping you stay accountable. 

My 3 Step Process is Easy and Provides Results within 6-9 months (the Time it takes to rebalance your body). 

1. Mind: I will teach you quick easy ways to get out of stress and how to self- regulate your nervous system. 

2. Body & Hormones: You will receive an at-home easy to do Hormone Testing Kit and we will focus on healing your gut and removing infections, balancing blood sugar, reviewing blood tests and other underlying issues. 

3. Why you need to Detox: Your liver and detox pathways has to be working for optimal Health. We will be focusing on ways to improve your body's ability to detoxify and cleanse.

Signs your Health or Hormones are out of balance: 

Hair Loss~ Weight Gain ~ Chronic health issues~ Low Sex Drive ~ Infertility ~ Aging Rapidly ~ Mood swings~ Poor Sleeping ~ Shrinking Muscles ~ Heavy Periods ~ Health Issues ~ High Cholesterol ~ Thyroid problems ~ Bloating and Digestive Issues ~ Fatigue or Low energy ~ Angry ~ Feeling "Blah"

This is an easy to follow program with Education, Guidance, and Science based Testing

I will guide you and give you custom recommendations on your specific needs to fit your lifestyle and situation. I will focus on the 3 important areas for your results: Mind, Hormones & Health, and Detoxing. This program is done through phone calls, videos for you to watch, and a booklet for you to read through. 

This is an easy to follow holistic complete health and hormone program. Dr Angie will guide you through her proven three step method. Focusing the mind, the body, hormones and detoxification methods. You will gain knowledge, results, and be inspired to take action. Most importantly, you will gain hope to find your best self!

You will receive

  • A comprehensive hormone/ thyroid testing kit. ($549)

  • Results Reviewed by Dr. Angie with you

  • A Custom Hormone Healing Plan for YOU

  • Educational Videos

  • Access to The Overeating Course

  • Hormone Healing Program Guide

  • Review of blood tests

  • 3 months Supply of Body Balancing Supplements (gut, brain, and Health foundations)

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education

  • Accountability and Check-in Calls w/ Dr. Angie 

  • Private Messaging Access w/ Dr. Angie personally

  • New Meditation Releases

  • Recipes/ Food List 

  • and so much more

Included ...  

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