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Dr. Angie's Programs

You can trust the experience of her 20 years as a holistic functional doctor working with women on the topic of hormone , stress management weight loss, and other health topics. Her Programs are Fun, educational, give you guidance on what to do and are science based. She has interaction programs or self guided programs to pick from. She is constantly adding new programs, so pop back in to see what new topics she has added. 


- 3 Month  Program -


This program is a comprehensive 3-month guided accountability experience with Dr. Angie. This program will also include the most comprehensive Weight Management Test kit looking into hormones, thyroid function, blood sugar levels, and Vit D. Videos, worksheets, E books and is a loaded course on learning about all things related to hormone health. 

You will receive

  • A comprehensive hormone/ thyroid testing kit. ($549 value)

  • 1on1 Testing Kit results call w/  Dr Angie and custom plan

  • A Custom Hormone Results Plan

  • Videos 

  • Access to the overeating course

  • Booklet to Follow along

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

  • Monthly Accountability Calls       w/ Dr. Angie 

  • Private Messaging Access

  • New Meditation Releases

  • Recipes/ Food List 

  • and so much more

Dr. Angie's VIP 3 month Hormone & Health Program 
21 Day Hormone Reset : Sign up for next Live Class 

- Quarterly Live Hormone Course 

Join the List for Dr. Angie's Next Live Hormone Reset. This will guide you back to understanding your hormones, health patterns, and a series of videos and worksheets. This is going to be a way to for you know what you need to do to take the next steps back towards your health.

You will receive 

  • Ebook

  • Hormone Food lists 

  • Hormone Survival Guide 

  • Videos and Live Webinars

  • Meditations

  • Daily Emails on How to balance hormones

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

E Book Images .png

- Weekly LIVE Group Support -

This is a powerful weekly support call. This is your time to ask questions, learn and feel support. A variety of topics from health, to mindset, hormones, energy work, food, biohacking, hypnotherapy, and more.


Weekly calls will be recorded and sent out, so if you can not attend live, you will receive your support to listen on your own schedule. 

You will receive 

  • A weekly Zoom Link for the call

  •  A recording of the call 

  • Support on your journey

  • Ability to ask questions

  • Ability to connect with others

  • Community Love

  • Access to Dr. Angie 

  • First to learn about her latest releases for classes, retreats, and more. 

Membership: Weekly Support Calls

- 5 Day Course: Self Guided -

This was presented as a live mini course and We had 5 beautiful days together with an hour video each day. This is a perfect mini series for those needing help and a way to overcome the night time eating, late night snacking or emotional eating habits. 

You will receive 

  • Ebook

  • Food lists 

  •  5 one hour coaching Videos

  • Bonus Videos/ Trainings

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

Overcoming Emotional Eating 
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.20.19 AM.png

- Self Guided Course -

Dr. Angie is a Deepak Chopra certified Meditation teacher. In this class you will learn the foundations of meditation, how to calm your mind, how to focus on your breath and different styles of breathing, ways to manifest your hearts desire, and calm your nervous system. This is a series of videos, guided meditations from Dr. Angie, Breathing technique worksheets, an E-book, Intro to singing bowls and Chakras. You are sure to leave this mini series feeling more in comfortable with your meditation practice.

You will receive 

  • Ebook on Meditation and Mindset

  •  Many Training/ coaching Videos

  • 8-10 Powerful Meditations

  • Receive your Own Primordial

  • Soul Soothing Smoothie Recipe

  • Sound Mantra to Meditate with

  • Your own private portal to track nutrition, moods and go at your own pace education. 

REVIVE: Stress Management  
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.31.24 AM.png
Transform - Weight Loss Program

- 4 Week Weight Loss Program -

A Whole Food and Lifestyle Transformation program focusing on health improvement, teaching you what to eat and food timing, Carb Cycling, Gut Health, pH alkalizing, blood sugar health, healthy detox, and great Community Support

You will receive 

  • Access to Transformational Meal Plan Roadmap

  • Goal Tracker 

  • Access to Dr. Angie’s Online Health Portal with Food & Mood Journals 

  • 1 Month of All Products and Supplements you will need

  • 1 Live Coaching Call with Dr. Angie

  • Food lists/ recipe ideas

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 1.39.32 PM.jpeg

​9-10: Opening Meditation/ Welcome

10-11: Yoga/ Grounding Exercise

11-12: Sound Healing/ Energy Work

12-1:30: Lunch/ Rest

1:30-2:00: Angel Meditation

2-3: Soul Revival Group Energy Healing

3-4: Free time/ Journal time/ Healing Sessions

4-5: Gratitude and Positive Aura Chakra Experience

5-5:30 Releasing What no longer serves us.... Letting Go

5:30-6:00 Fire burning Ceremony

6-6:30 Farewell Blessing

These Retreats are at  Dr. Angie's Beautiful countryside Acreage in Iowa or In Arizona. This will be a time to come together to Heal, decompress, connect, Meditate, do some light Yoga, energy work, sound healing and more. This will be time in Nature like no other. The quiet, birds, butterflies, and green calm healing energy will soothe your tired body and mind.

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